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"I'd love to spend my whole day chasing down leads in my inbox," said no one ever.

(Psst, if you just wanna know “What’s up with the name Bluetick?” scroll down.)


 My entire business revolves around having conversations with prospects, waiting for them to make decisions with their team and then following up with them to move the sales process to the next step. Bluetick lets me do this at scale and I don’t need to keep track of where each person is in the process. Email follow ups are a critical part of my business and they absolutely need to be done, regardless of how busy I am or what else is happening. That’s why I automate them with Bluetick.  

Victor Purolnik
Founder, Trustshoring

But frankly, following up sucks.

Given the chance between methodically, regularly following up with all your leads and getting a root canal sans anesthesia, you might actually take a minute to think about it.

It’s not that you don’t like talking to your leads. It’s the drudgery of finding the email thread, updating the CRM, pushing each prospect through the sales process...

It just takes too long. And that’s time you could be spending elsewhere.

 I know that my manual system slips sometimes. On a busy day it's easier to let following up with prospects slide and there are a lot of busy days.

Here's the terrifying thought: we would almost certainly have made more money over the years if our system worked better.  

Dave Collins

Bluetick relieves the soul-deadening drudgery of email follow-up for...

  • Founders and makers who have to sell (but who’d rather be working on something else)
  • Overworked sales executives who need to follow up with high-touch leads at all different stages of the sales process
  • Anyone who’s ever lost a perfectly good lead to the Email Black Hole (RIP)

It’s basically like cloning yourself and making your clones spend all day following up — so you don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Mike.
I built Bluetick.

There are 3 things I love more than anything else:

  • Building software that solves problems
  • My family **
  • A glass of good Scotch

I created Bluetick because I needed it. After spending hours in my inbox chasing down replies from conference sponsors, I figured there had to be a better way to automate my email follow-ups — while still being personal and genuine.

Turns out there wasn’t. So I built it.

If you’re worrying that Bluetick is a fresh-faced startup that won’t be around after you’ve imported all your contacts and gotten used to a new system, don’t.

I’ve been building software for 18 years, and I’m not going anywhere. (Unless you have a beachfront condo, in which case, hey there, new friend.)

** Please don’t tell my wife I listed them in this order.

So... what's up with the name?

Thought you’d never ask!

Bluetick is named for the bluetick coonhound, a friendly breed of hunting dog. These pups are known for sniffing out their prey and then howling to get attention.

Set Bluetick loose on your prospects. When it’s got something for you to do — like when someone replies to one of your sequences, or when you’d like to preview an email before it gets sent — Bluetick will get your attention. Without all the noisy howling.