The initial concept for Bluetick was formulated back in 2011 when Mike was looking for sponsors for a conference he was running. This sales process involved numerous followups with people who were interested in becoming sponsors but needed to discuss it with their teams to figure out whether sponsoring made sense as a marketing strategy. Inevitably, Mike had to contact many of these people to follow up with them. Some would respond to the second email while others wouldn’t respond until after several attempts.

There had to be a better way. Fast forward to 2015 and there still wasn’t a good solution to the problem, so Mike decided to build it.

Meet the Founder

Mike Taber

Mike is the founder of Moon River Software and author of The Single Founder Handbook.  As an entrepreneur, he contributes to and guides the bootstrapped community as a blogger, author, conference host, speaker and podcaster. Mike’s chronicles and newsletter about being a bootstrapped, self-funded entrepreneur can be found at

The Roots of Bluetick

The concept behind the name "bluetick" is loosely based on the idea of a Bluetick coonhound. The bluetick is used by hunters who let the dog loose in the woods to find game they're hunting. The bluetick's job is to find and follow the scent of its quarry until it tracks it down. Then it will bark to let the hunter know that it's quarry is trapped.

Similarly, the Bluetick software is designed to help track down your prospects so that you don't have to.