Increase the Response Rate to Your Emails by 300%

Using automated, personalized email followups

What are people saying?

I know that my manual system slips sometimes.

On a busy day it's easier to let following up with
prospects slide and there are a lot of busy days.

Here's the terrifying thought: we would almost certainly have made more money over the years if our system worked better.

Dave Collins
Founder - Software Promotions, Inc.

Someone I was just talking to stopped replying to my emails. It’s frustrating to have to pick up the phone or send multiple followups whenever that happens.

Every hour I spend chasing people is an hour that I could either be charging billable hours or developing my other products.

Justin Seitz
Author & Independent Security Researcher

Consistent & Systematic Followup

Never lose a deal because you forgot to followup or simply couldn’t bring yourself to reach out to someone just one more time.

Works With Any Mail Server

Gmail or Google Apps? Exchange Server or Office 365? Private mail server? No problem. Bluetick works with any IMAP server.

Personal Touch at Scale

Every email looks as if it was sent personally by you... because it was. Outbound emails use your own SMTP server and are saved in your Sent folder so they're available to you at any time whether you're on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

Replies come directly back to your mailbox without an intermediary. This allows you to pick up the conversation immediately while the software gets out of the way.