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Personal outreach at scale for all your follow-up emails

Imagine there were 1000 of you to follow up one-on-one with your prospects.

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Every hour you spend in your inbox is an hour you’re not really working

It’s the classic high-touch sales conundrum: You need to talk with prospects individually in order to sell. But with multiple email conversations happening at once, though, it’s just too easy for valuable leads to slip through the cracks.


 I needed a simple, reliable way to reach out to different prospects and stay in touch with current clients that didn't require me to understand yet another complicated technology. Bluetick does exactly that. I can easily draft and revise simple, automated email campaigns and run them at the touch of a button. It pays for itself every month in new deals and time saved!  

Brendan McAdams
Healthcare IT Marketing Consultant

Even when you manage to keep track of the dozens — sometimes hundreds — of multi-stage leads in your inbox, there are times when you Just. Don’t. Want. to send another email.

Forgetfulness, fear & fatigue shouldn't keep you from following up… but sometimes they do.

Just a few of the businesses using Bluetick
to overcome follow-up fatigue:


Make sure you keep reaching out

Bluetick is the one-on-one email follow-up tool you’ve been waiting for. It’s flexible, simple, and purpose-built to move leads through your sales process, without making your emails feel cold or impersonal.

Automatically usher leads through your sales process

When you're sending the same email to different leads over and over, your brain will start to tell you that you're bothering people. Even though you're not.

Spare yourself the unnecessary emotional agony. Let Bluetick follow up for you.


Send warmer cold emails

Along with being purpose-built to set your warm leads ablaze 🔥, Bluetick makes it easier to send cold emails to your target prospects.

Set up your templates once. Personalize them to each prospect in just a few seconds. And get your outreach done faster.

Spend more time outside your inbox

Closing deals is great. Closing deals automatically is waaay better. And nope, the folks you're emailing will never know you're using Bluetick — so you’ll get better response rates.